The best  Quality & Technology

Today at  Chibasei, its spirit of craftsmanship and innovation lives on - fused with the copper industry's most advanced technologies and highest standards of excellence.

From our rolling and extrusion plant in Japan to the world, and our company located at Chiba Japan, we provide customers worldwide with premium quality copper roof. 

Our goal is to be the best in the world at what we do and have fun doing it. Our  talented and dedicated people, working as a team for the top of the world quality.


Employee High Level Technical Quality

Every employee in Chibasei Co., Ltd owns a piece of the company, we all have a personal stake in its success, and understand the key to that success is a consistently high level of quality.

To the best quality, we have established quality control teams-groups of employees representing every phase of the production process. These teams are responsible for continuously monitoring our products, processes and services and taking the steps necessary to maintain our high standards.

our future is your satisfaction

100 percent customer satisfaction is providing superior quality and reliability as our goal. At Chibasei, high request will continue to meet these challenges with substantial investments in the good skill workers and the top class of the world of art architecture.

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